What is Xcel

Xcel is a competitive program under the USA Gymnastics umbrella purely optional in all levels giving coaches and gymnasts more flexibility to leverage each individual’s strength. 

The Xcel program at Apex provides even more flexibility and gym-life balance to its athletes by requiring less hours / days in the gym and allowing them to participate in school competitive sports.

Xcel at Apex

Our Xcel team roster amounts to over 60 gymnasts from ages between 6yo and 16yo across 5 different levels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xcel a competitive enough program?

Yes, Xcel is a program that has grown over the years to become a highly competitive program.  As a result, several gyms have either added Xcel to their program or switched over from other organizations. 


I heard there are not enough Xcel meets to go to.

In new York State alone,  during the 2022-2023 season, 85% of all meets hosted offered Xcel competition. During NY states championships, more than 1200 gymnasts competed in Xcel levels. 


Xcel is not challenging enough.

Just like any other league Xcel is comprised of several different levels to meet your gymnastics abilities. The major difference of Xcel is that you can do a lot more than your level requirement but requires that skills be super-clean to be competed at a meet. Which means you can work on more advanced skills than you are currently competing and once these skills are clean enough, they are added to your routine to compete. The challenge is to compete clean skills at all times, whether they are easy or difficult.