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Apex High Performance Camp 2023

** Scratch date September 23rd, 2023 **

Saturday - November 4th, 2023
12p to 7p
Sunday - November 5th, 2023
9a to 4p
APEX Athletics
7 Flowerfield
Saint James
NY, 11780
US$ 395.00
(Apex HPC leotard included)
1 coach per gym free. Each additional coach US$ 25.00
Coaches will be able to (but not required) to work with their athletes to practice spotting techniques. At the end of each day there will be a clinic for coaches to deep dive into the progression of a few key skills and spotting techniques.

Looking to improve your performance for your 2023 season debut?

Come join us at the Apex High Performance camp, where you will work with some of the best clinicians in the country! Open to all ages and levels, this camp is designed to help the top ranked athletes for Levels 7 through 10. Our focus is on strong fundamentals to boost the development of elite skills.

Coaches are not required to attend the camp, but we are providing lectures each day for continued education. Our goal is to polish each skill so every gymnast leaves with the self confidence of being more consistent.


Please see below for gymnast suggested qualifications.
Level 7 - 2023 State Qualifiers
Level 8 – 2023 State Qualifiers
Level 9 – 2023 Regional Qualifiers
Level 10 – 2023 Regional Qualifiers


Apex Athletics is the proud home of the largest NYS Level 10 team and reigning two time State Champions. 

Many of these gymnasts have been awarded with scholarships for colleges across the country.

Lead by Head coaches Amanda Depaola & owner Robert Wing with a combined 40 years of experience.

It’s Apex’s goal to help the growth and success of all gymnastic programs!


Stephen Hood

Assistant Coach
University of Denver

Vault Clinician

Stephen Hood is an Assistant Coach at the University of Denver. He has coached multiple athletes to all-american honors, two athletes to perfect 10s, and his floor squad holds the 8th highest floor score in NCAA history (49.825). In addition to coaching, he has been a clinician around the country and internationally for the past 6 years. He currently resides in Denver with his wife and two dogs. He enjoys hiking, snowboarding and gardening in his free time.

Jennifer Green

Head of the Air Force Women’s gymnastics


Jennifer Green's profile on the GoAirForceFalcons website showcases a dedicated professional with a strong commitment to athletics. As an integral part of the athletic department, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. With a focus on sports medicine, Jennifer plays a crucial part in ensuring the health and well-being of the Air Force Academy's student-athletes.

In her position as an Assistant Athletic Trainer, Jennifer Green takes on a range of responsibilities that directly impact the performance and recovery of the athletes. Her educational background and hands-on experience in the field of sports medicine equip her with the knowledge needed to address and prevent injuries. By working closely with coaches, athletes, and medical professionals, Jennifer contributes to creating a comprehensive approach to maintaining the physical fitness of the Air Force Academy's sports teams.

Jennifer's dedication goes beyond the confines of her job description. Her involvement in the athletic community extends to fostering a culture of teamwork, discipline, and resilience. By providing essential care, guidance, and rehabilitation strategies, she not only aids in the athletes' recovery but also contributes to their personal growth and success both on and off the field. Through her profile on the website, Jennifer Green emerges as a valued member of the Air Force Academy's athletic program, dedicated to elevating the standards of sports medicine and supporting the development of well-rounded student-athletes.

Brian Amato

Assistant Coach

Uneven Bars

Currently in third season as assistant coach at the University of Nebraska. Primarily responsible for coaching bars and as recruiting coordinator.

Amato spent seven seasons as an assistant coach at Oregon State. He helped lead Oregon State to a sixth-place finish at the 2019 NCAA Championships and coached multiple All-Americans, Regional and Pac 12 Champions. Was the 2015 NACGC West Regional Assistant Coach of the Year.

Served as Vice-President of the Women's Collegiate Gymnastics Association 2018-2021. Has spoken and presented a many state, regional, and national clinics and congresses.

Prior to his time at Oregon State, Amato served as the head bars coach at Brandy Johnson's Global Gymnastics in Clermont, Fla., since 2008. In 2013, Amato's team won the Level 10 Florida State Championship and was voted the nation's Level 10 Team of the Year in 2012. During his 17 years of club coaching, Amato helped 20 gymnasts earn Division I scholarships, coached multiple JO and USA National Team Members including an Olympic alternate, World Championship Medal winner, and several US and JO national champions on bars. Innovated and coached an original E release skill, the “Sims”, that is listed in the JO code of points and had a provisional FIG rating.

Deavera Todd


I’m DeAvera Todd, better known as Coach Dee. I help gymnasts, cheerleaders, tumblers, and other amazing athletes excel in their sports by fine tuning their technique, drilling the skills to mastery, and adding that little bit of “spice” to their choreographed routines.

I was born and raised in Georgia where I started my dance career at age 3 and discovered my love for performing. Despite limited finances, my mom made a way for me to participate in gymnastics eventually becoming a student athlete for Boise State University & University of Illinois-Chicago. Now, as Founder of Elite Talent Academy, I am able to fulfill a lifelong dream of creating a program to help young gymnasts achieve their dreams regardless of their life experiences. I also travel the world training gymnasts, athletes, and coaches in my advanced skills and drills techniques.

My coaching style is nurturing, but also disciplined and structured. I love to have FUN! And I am known to spontaneously bust a move or two!

At the end of the day, coaching is about so much more than just the sport. My goal is to reinforce important social skills, enforce consistency, and help my athletes become good teammates and who support and encourage each other. As your child conquers physical challenges they may have never thought possible, they develop confidence, and get inspired to do more and try new things.

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. It’s these lessons they carry for a lifetime, and ultimately, the reason why I do what I do…

Nick Cedillo

Pearland Elite Training Center

Uneven Bars

Nick Cedillo is an esteemed gymnastics coach and an integral part of Pearland Elite Training Center, a renowned gymnastics institution. With a passion for the sport and a commitment to excellence, Nick has dedicated his career to helping aspiring gymnasts reach their full potential.

Born and raised in Pearland, Texas, Nick developed a deep love for gymnastics from a young age. He embarked on his own gymnastics journey as an athlete, mastering various disciplines and honing his skills. Through hard work, perseverance, and a natural talent for coaching, Nick quickly rose through the ranks and established himself as an exceptional gymnast.

After his competitive career, Nick transitioned into coaching, eager to share his knowledge and inspire the next generation of gymnasts. Joining Pearland Elite Training Center, he found the perfect platform to nurture young talent and shape future champions. With his expertise, patience, and unwavering support, Nick has been instrumental in guiding numerous athletes towards success.

Sarah Korngold

Best Darn Gymnastics

Floor | Beam

Sarah has been coaching gymnastics since high school, and has a genuine passion for the sport which is immediately obvious. She has coached all levels, and loves nothing more than sharing her experience and knowledge with beginners, all the way to the top elites, in a positive training environment. Sarah has an eye for detail and precision that has helped her athletes achieve success and consistent quality results.

  • Current USA National Team Coach. Sarah is privileged to coach Shilese Jones (2022 World Championships Silver Medalist in the All-Around and Uneven Bars, 2022 World Championships Team Gold Medalist, USA Senior Elite National Champion on FX and UB, USA Senior Elite National Team Member).
  • Sarah was named the Assistant Coach to Team USA at the 2022 World Championships.
  • Integral in the leadership of Ascend Gymnastics the last three years which culminated in the program being named the USAG Development National Program of the Year for 2022. This is the first time a program from Region 2 has been awarded this prestigious title. Ascend Gymnastics was also named the 2021 and 2022 Region 2 Program of the Year.
  • Coached athletes that have accomplished some incredible things including the following: Development Program National Championship Titles (AA and Event), Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifiers, TOPS National Teams, HOPES Championships, HOPEs National Team Member, Canadian Elite Championships, USA National Team, International Assignments and International Medals.
  • Developed many athletes that have gone on to successfully compete at the college level as scholarship athletes.
  • Honored to be a 2022 National Staff Member on Balance Beam for the Development Program National Team Camp.

Other Qualifications (Past and Present)
California TOPs State manager
Level 10 Rated Dev Judge
Meet Director
Southern California Women’s Coaches Association Board
NCCP Level 2 Certified
Background Checked
Safesport Certified

Casey Chandler

Motion Matrix


Casey Chandler is an accomplished gymnastics coach and former gymnast with an impressive career spanning over 23 years in coaching and 26 years in the sport. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Chandler has become a prominent figure in the gymnastics community. His dedication and passion for the sport are evident in his coaching style, as he continuously strives to inspire and empower his athletes.

Before transitioning into coaching, Chandler made a name for himself as a trampoline and tumbling athlete. He proudly represented the United States as a National Team Member for eight years, showcasing his exceptional skills and talent on the international stage. His remarkable achievements include being selected as an alternate for the World Championships in Birmingham, England in 2011, and Odense, Denmark in 2015, further demonstrating his prowess in the sport.

One of Chandler's most notable accomplishments came in 2016 when he became the USA National Champion on Double Mini. This significant milestone solidified his position as one of the top athletes in the country and highlighted his dedication to mastering his craft. Chandler's unwavering commitment to excellence, both as a gymnast and as a coach, has undoubtedly shaped the lives of countless aspiring gymnasts, leaving a lasting impact on the sport and its community.

Ivan Ivanov 

Elite Gymnastics

Floor Exercise


Ivan Ivanov is a highly esteemed member of the gymnastics community, renowned for his extensive experience and contributions to the sport. Having been a part of the USAG National Staff since 2005, Ivanov has played a vital role in shaping the development of gymnastics in the United States. His wealth of knowledge and expertise have made him a sought-after figure in the field, as he continues to inspire and mentor aspiring gymnasts.

Originally hailing from Bulgaria, Ivanov proudly represented the Bulgarian National Team in over 40 international competitions. His exceptional talent and dedication led him to compete in six European Championships, six World Championships, and the prestigious 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta. Ivanov's international experience and success on the global stage have provided him with a unique perspective, enriching his coaching methods and fostering a deep understanding of the sport.

Since 1996, Ivanov has made the United States his home and has become an influential figure in the gymnastics community as the Owner of Elite Gymnastics in Massachusetts. As the driving force behind the facility, Ivanov has created a nurturing and empowering environment for athletes to thrive. His leadership and commitment to excellence have not only helped gymnasts reach their full potential but have also instilled in them the values of discipline, perseverance, and a lifelong passion for the sport. Ivan Ivanov's enduring impact on the gymnastics world is a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for fostering the growth of gymnasts in the United States.

Donagene Jones


Judging and Composition

Donagene’s passion for our sport and involvement in gymnastics bridges 40+ years, with travel around the world as a coach, choreographer, and National judge. She was a gymnast at Queen City Gymnastics in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in 1986 she received a full athletic scholarship to Montana State University. She has successfully completed numerous National judging courses & four International Brevet judging courses. Her travels to Africa, the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, and South America have allowed her to organize and coordinate International gymnastics events and give back to the gymnastics community. She choreographs around the country and has had numerous State, Regional, and National Floor champions throughout the decades.

Fun facts about Dona…

  • She has been choreographing and judging for 36 years.
  • SHE LOVES THE SPORT & is currently Co-State Judging Director of Northern California.
  • She received a full ride to Montana State University and Dick Foxal was her coach.
  • She graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and worked as an environmental engineer for a DOE contractor in Washington state for 3 years before she decided gymnastics was her forever passion.
  • She started with GymCorp through USA Gymnastics in 1997 and spent 4 years volunteering in Namibia and South Africa with their gymnastics Federations. She still returns to Africa and spends several weeks doing choreography & clinics each year.
  • She grew up with Jeff Metzger, Gary Warren, and Pat Warren as her coaches at Queen City in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pat is her Mom :)
  • Dona & her mom were the technical consultants/coaches and worked for 9 months on the Disney movie STICK IT...and she may have done a cameo or three in it! LOL!
  • In her off time, she is a professional skydiver. She holds 10 World Records! In January 2018 Red Bull invited her & 26 of the elite female skydivers from around the world to make history in honor of International Women's Day. She loves her skydiving family as much as her gymnastics family!
  • She & her boyfriend have been together for 15 years and they live in Clovis, California. They have two dogs, Mister Bigley & Blaze ❤️

Shira Lewis

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy 

 I have been involved in gymnastics my entire life. I started competing in elementary school and competed around the country through high school. Unfortunately, I sustained injuries that did not allow me to continue gymnastics; however, this opened the door to diving, as well as my passion for physical therapy. I competed for the Northeastern University Swimming and Diving team before continuing my studies to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2013.

While I loved my PT career working with children with special needs, I always wanted to combine my passions for gymnastics and physical therapy. I have been coaching gymnastics and choreographing since high school and have spent the past 5 years developing programming to reduce injuries and further the sport of gymnastics through science-based training and techniques. In 2014 I joined Precision Choreography and since then have taken part in gymnastics camps and clinics from Alaska to Vermont, as well as choreographed beginner through elite-level routines. 

I love being able to share my knowledge and excitement for gymnastics with coaches and athletes around the country.

Brian Raschilla

Camp Technician


1983-1986 Brookfield Gymnastics
1 st Junior National Team Member selected to train in Moscow Russia

1986-1994 Gymnastics of Ohio
33 Division I scholarship recipients
39 Region 5 JO qualifiers
4 JO National Champions

1995-1997 The University of Michigan
2 nd and 6 th place NCAA Championships
Back to Back Big 19 Champions
1 Individual NCAA Champion
Honda Award Winner

1997-2018 The University of Alabama
3 NCAA Team Championships - 2002, 2011, 2012
6 SEC Team Championships - 2000, 2003, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015
19 NCAA Regional Team Championships – 1998-2003, 2005-16,
5 Honda Awards
16 Individual National Champions
218 All American Honors

2018-2020 Auburn University
Top 16
1/1 st individual NCAA Champion

2020-2023 Oregon State University

Back to Back PAC 12 Regular Season Championships
4 All-American Honors
1 st Sold out home meet 2023 vs. Utah
Single season attendance record
Currently NAAG Gymnastics in Eugene Oregon

Head Optional Coach
Camp Technician

Brittany Harris

Head coach of Brown University

Balance Beam

Brittany Harris is in her second season in 2024 as the head coach of Brown Gymnastics. Harris was introduced as the fourth head coach in program history on August 3, 2022.
In her first season with the Bears in 2023, Harris led Brown to a 15-14 record, including a perfect 8-0 at home, and its fifth overall Ivy Classic title. The team posted its highest-ever National Qualifying Score (194.315) to qualify for the USAG National Team Semifinals. Brown gymnasts achieved a total of five USAG First Team All-America honors, 19 All-GEC honors and eight All-Ivy honors. The Bears also posted two of the top five scores in program history, and Julia Bedell was named the GEC Co-Specialist of the Year and captured the USAG national title on floor. In the classroom, the Bears posted the highest team GPA in the nation, the first time the program has ever finished in the top five nationally, and had 19 student-athletes earn Scholastic All-America honors from the WCGA.
Harris came to College Hill after serving as the head coach at Centenary College of Louisiana during the 2022 season. In her lone season at Centenary, Harris coached two USAG First Team All-Americans, five USAG national qualifiers, 12 MIC Academic All-Conference honorees and one CoSIDA Academic All-American.
Harris also spent three seasons as the top assistant coach at Lindenwood University, leading the Lions to the 2019 USAG Women’s Collegiate National Championship team title. Lindenwood also captured the 2019 and 2021 MIC Conference Championship titles, with Harris being named the USAG Collegiate Assistant Coach of the Year in 2019 and the WCGA DII Assistant Coach of the Year in 2021. Harris served as the Lions’ floor choreographer and also served stints as the team’s interim head coach during the 2020 and 2021 seasons.
Harris began her collegiate coaching career as a student and volunteer assistant at her alma mater, Oregon State from 2015-18
Check back soon for more clinicians as we secure the best of the best in the coming weeks....


Saturnday - November 4th, 2023
12p to 7p
Sunday - November 5th, 2023
9a to 4p
APEX Athletics
7 Flowerfield
Saint James
NY, 11780
US$ 395.00
(Apex HPC leotard included)
1 coach per gym free. Each additional coach US$ 25.00
Coaches will be able to (but not required) to work with their athletes to practice spotting techniques. At the end of each day there will be a clinic for coaches to deep dive into the progression of a few key skills and spotting techniques.


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